Serge Beynaud is the coolest Francophone megastar that you will ever come across. He’s not nearly as arrogant as one would expect the average French speaking artist-dancer to be, but he makes up for that with incredible composure and he pulls off a less than flashy fashion sense to perfection. iQru recently caught up with the West African sensation for an interview on his project with Coke Studio.


Insyder: Bonjour Serge!

Serge: Bonjour!

Insyder: Je m’appelle Douglas, je travaille à Insyder magazine

Serge: ah, Insyder Magazine? Bien

Insyder: That’s all the French I know!

(Everybody at the table laughs)

Insyder: Welcome to Kenya! Is this your first time here?

Serge: Yes, it is my first time

Insyder: What about our Kenyan culture has intrigued you the most?

Serge: Well I just arrived here on Sunday and I got straight to work so I haven’t had time to move around; but what I’ve liked most is that the city is clean and I love the weather!

Insyder: Talking about work, could you tell us about your Coke Studio project?

Serge: Well, so far I love the experience! I’ve met artists, I’ve met producers, and I’ve loved interacting with every one of them.

Insyder: Is there an African artist you’ve always wanted to work with?

Serge: I’ve always wanted to work with P-Square, because they have consistently maintained their status for 10 years and they inspire me a lot.

Insyder: From your highly successful career, what would you say has stood out most for you?

Serge: No particular highlight, all of the moments have greatly stood out for me; even when I’m rehearsing! (Serge says with that a smile)

Insyder: There was a video on Twitter of footballer Wilfried Bony dancing to one of your songs titled Okininkpin, I don’t quite know how to pronounce it,

(Serge proceeds to accurately pronounce the word, much to our delight)

Insyder: Merci! When I saw that video, I also saw many people asking who sang that song, even though most of them probably do not speak French. How does it make you feel when you see your music break Language barriers?
SergeMusic has no barrier, and if music did then I wouldn’t have been here because I don’t speak English and yet here I am in an English speaking country. But it’s always a good feeling when my music crosses boarders to people who don’t speak the language; it is evidence that I don’t have any limitations when it comes to my crowd.

Insyder: From your Coke Studio performance, can we expect a lot of dancing from your performance?

Serge: (smiles even before being translated to, because he has an idea of what the question is) we’ll definitely see, we’re working it out and you’ll discover for yourself soon

Insyder: We’re paying close attention to it all then. For your fans, is there a musical project you’re working on?

Serge: Yes I do, I have upcoming projects with Flavour, Iyanya and Diamond, with whom I’m going to the US soon to shoot a video. They will all be featured in my upcoming third album

Insyder: Do you have a message for musicians who will be reading this interview and who are inspired by you?

Serge: You have to work hard; not only in putting in the effort, but in being creative as well.

Insyder: The Insyder is a publication for young people and teenagers, would you like to share a message for them?

Serge: I would urge them not to embrace easiness; hard work is necessary and nothing comes easily. The future is prepared for right now, and you have to start right now.