Insyder Vine Challenge
Win 5k cash for sharing your vine videos

We posted the challenge asking you to upload your short form videos on Instagram or Vine

Insyder Vine Challenge
Win 5k cash for sharing your vine videos


…and some of you heeded the challenge. Presenting the very first winner, Dennis Njoroge a.k.a. @NINJA_BROWN

Dennis wins himself 5K for sharing this #insydervines video

How To Win 5k in the #InsyderVines Video Challenge

Catch on to the short video craze that’s turning social media insyde out and win cash! The Insyder is giving you the opportunity to win 5,000 bob in cash for sharing your Vine (and Instagram) short videos.It could be a video of you fooling around in the diggz, you & your friends messing around in skool, a prank you pulled on your skool teacher, your opinion on something you feel strongly about… anything! Just as long as it’s creative, original, hilarious, authentic and fresh. So start Vining and win yourself some mullah!

How To Win 5,000 Bob!

1. Record your original, creative & really funny Vine video

2. Upload your video to Vine or Instagram

3. Share the video on this site or on the wall of our Facebook fan page

4. Send your video via Whatsapp to our official line: +254707595657

Remember to use the hashtag #InsyderVines whenever you post your videos on Vine, Instagram or on our Facebook wall. Competition starts August 23rd – September 12th

Search for theinsyder on Vine & Instagram to share