Intel has set out to realize the dreams of 3 top application developers across Kenya. In an economic setting whereby lack of enough updated resources have limited the success and download rate of these applications, 14 app developers have gotten the chance to change their destiny by participating in the Intel App Elite Challenge.

According to Kachwanya, “the developers behind the 14 applications benefited by getting access to technical software solutions; thus enabling them to make their applications perform better on a range of mobile devices. Additionally, developers benefited from a cash investment that will help them market their apps, including to users outside Kenya.” Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

Check out the 14 apps here:

  • KenyaBuzz  Raha
  • Safaricom Daily Nation reader
  • Ticket sasa
  • Eve Woman
  • Ghafla Kenya
  • Mobi Biashara
  • KRA
  • Shoppers Delight
  • JTL Faiba
  • Ushahidi
  • GoJimmyGo
  • Haki
  • Translater
  • Pesadroid

The 3 beneficiaries will be GoJimmyGo, JTL Biashara and Mobi Biashara; they will receive $5,000 (approximately Ksh. 458,000) marketing investment from Intel.