Not too long ago, we got the opportunity to attend a press briefing of with one  of the new faces of Coke Studio Africa. Meet 25 year old Nigerian Entertainer, Make-up artist, Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur Elohor Eva Alordiah, better known as Eva Alordiah or simply Eva.


1960 Album Cover Art
1960 Album Cover Art

The title of the album was not one than she came to by chance. If anything, it marks the independence year of her country, and secondly, it wistfully marks the year of her mother’s birth.
The album features songs that try, in their own way, to explore the depths and various intricacies that define femininity. The songs work interdependently in their message and goal, to showcase the process of what it means to be a female, in Africa, during these precarious times; What it feels like to live in the skin, in the daily rhythms and predeterminations of a black girl or woman.

Musical Influences

The unfed mind devours itself. So to counter this, she cites her musical influences as, but not limited to: Bob Marley, Sade Adu, The Carpenters, John Lennon and Don Williams. Other sources add that Eminem’s Cleanin’ Out My Closet inspired Eva to pursue a professional rap career.

On Art and Social Responsibility

Eva 3
Vera: As an artiste, a female one at that, do you feel a compelled into being a role model figure to young girls, teenagers to be precise?
Eva: I do this[being a role model to young girls], not because I am the perfect candidate for this, but I take it upon myself to be the voice that resonates with the people of my gender. This voice has not been handed to me, but i choose to be a representative because we need more women in this industry.

On challenges faced

Africa as it stands is largely patriarchal. The female artiste almost has no agency, nothing is handed to her, she must actively fight twice as many wars in order to have her voice heard. Breaking away from the stereotype that rap is only the preserve of men has perhaps been the largest barrier she’s had to encounter.

Other Business Ventures


Before we knew her as Eva the rapper, she was always Eva the budding writer, and Eva the Business entrepreneur. Back in her native, she is the owner of makeupByOrsela, a company that specializes in Makeup services. Save from that, she is the curator of her personal blog, whose entries you can read here.


Eva 2

Eva was featured in the Lagos edition of BBC Radio 1xtra‘s Live Lounge alongside M.I, 2face Idibia, Wizkid and Iyanya As part of the feature, artists were asked to freestyle, and you bet your good buck that she slayed that set. Eva has been romantically involved with fellow Nigerian singer, Ice Prince, but like all good things, that too came to an end.

Over 26 Africa’s popular musicians who will feature in this year’s Coke Studio Africa, an African music show run by The Coca-Cola Company to showcase the diversity of African music on the continent, and something close to 52 new songs will be performed in the nine music shows for this edition.

Keep your eyes out for her mash up session with Jose Chameleon during this season’s Coke Studio Africa.  Have a feel of her music  here.


By Vera Njambi