Facebook has made many developments to their application lately that has made users to love the app more.

Their latest development includes enabling users  to choose from a range of shows – from both established brands and new players – and have the ability to view clips saved from their News Feeds.

The firm’s intention is to allow all content creators to feature advertising breaks, so long as they hit certain metrics.

Until now, only select publishers had been given the opportunity.

The revenue split will be 55% to the creators and 45% to Facebook.

Borrowed feature?

More like IGTV, right? Watch is often portrayed as a rival to Google’s YouTube, but it also competes for attention against traditional TV channels as well as online outlets including Netflix, Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer and Facebook’s own Instagram TV.


Facebook claims that its advantage against other platforms is the ways Watch helps viewers interact with others.

“It is built on the notion that watching video doesn’t have to be a passive experience,” explained Fidji Simo, Facebook’s vice-president of video.

“You can have a two-way conversation about the content with friends, other fans or even the creators themselves.”

She added that a Watch Party feature lets users co-ordinate themselves to watch a show together, while an Interactivity Platform allows creators to run polls, challenges and quizzes to boost engagement.

Creators’ Qualifications

To qualify publishers must:

  • have created videos lasting longer than three minutes
  • have attracted more than 30,000 viewers who stayed for more than one minute when watching the content over the past two months
  • have more than 10,000 followers
  • be located in one of the countries where the ad break facility is available

This is definitely another way for creators who have been looking for other potential revenue streams to make money too!