20 year old Valnica’s modelling journey goes back to her high school days when she used to model for fun. It was more about entertaining fellow students and letting off steam after long hours of classes. You know how classes in high school are. They go on forever!  On her free time,  she would get with a couple of friends, model around and that is how her passion for modelling was born.
After finishing high school she joined Multimedia University which provided a platform for her modelling. Back then, Miss Multimedia University was the title she was after. She did not win but that has not dampened her efforts. She says she’s still on that goal.

It started out slow, the modelling and all. Still more of a pastime. It was not until she worked with Ojwok photography, looked at her photos and thought,”Damn, I can really do this!”  Since then, she has worked with reputable photographers and cloth lines including upskul254. She wants to turn modelling into a career because it’s something she loves doing. To her, modelling is a form of expression,  expression of one’s personal style, emotions, individuality and it encompasses all this while still earning one income. It is all a mix of fun, expression and of course, cheddah!

She seeks to rectify the notion of modelling being about pretty faces, a bashing body, certain complexion or a specific style. It is all about individuality and thus, it is only modelling if it brings out peop,e for who they are. All it takes is passion, morale, drive, want and knowing who to work with. She insists on passion because it is what creates the drive and keeps one’s going. She would love to use her modelling to inspire many more young people in Kenya who are afraid to venture into modelling due to societal inhibitions and other issues. She wants people to see her and say want to be like her, learn from her mistakes while looking up to her achievements. she wants her modelling to stand for something and not just anything. She wants to leave a mark.

Valnica is out hit the modeling world by storm. She has the passion, drive and the looks. Definitely, it’s going to be one hell of a storm!


Photos Courtesy of Valary Abuga