In the past three weeks, Sauti Sol’s ‘extravaganza’ hit song has been coloring the airwaves with the creative ingenuity that was put into it. The song marked the foundation for Sauti Sol’s new record label that they unveiled at the beginning of this year called Sol Generation. They used the song to unveil some of the finest talents that they have signed under their record label so far. Here are their stories and their road towards becoming the hottest sensations in town:


The sol generation flagship signee, is not just an artist, but an embodiment of a mentor that more musicians should borrow from. The singer, songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist has been in the shadows for over five years writing songs for various artistes and perfoming instruments for various bands and artistes. He took his time to learn the craft and know the ups and downs of the game before actually coming into the limelight. He is a package of perfection and experience gathered from various major projects that he has done within the local music industry. Having been exposed to music at an early age, his passion for music has been thriving like wildfire in his heart. So when he came to Nairobi and met H_Art The Band, he couldn’t hold back but pursue his passion. He later joined Sauti Academy where he found the chance to interact and work in some projects with the multi-award winning band Sauti Sol. After that, he says everything from being signed into Sol Generation to releasing Lucy and Favorite song has been all by God’s grace. He however stresses that it wasn’t by chance, it was through his hard work and sweat.

Bien Aime describes Bensoul as “One of the most exceptional songwriters I have met”.

Bensoul can play: Acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, cello, violin, double bass, drums and ukulele.


The founder of #BlindGirlManenos and magical vocalist is a well of musical ingenuity. She is a vlogger, motivational speaker, songwriter and motivational speaker. Crystal, who has been nicknamed Sol Generation’s first lady, is a lady full of inspiration having thrived in the industry despite losing her sight at a very young age. She was diagnosed with degenerative eye disease as a teenager and she says that has inspired her to live by faith and not by sight. Since then she has grown to be a motivational speaker and a Virtually Impaired Persons ambassador. She narrates her journey to joining Sol Generation as being one that has been in development for quite some time. She met with Bien about 10 years ago during an event but lost contacts afterwards. They later reconnected when Sauti Sol were looking for songwriters and they have worked together since. Her position in the group is very crucial basing her wealth of experience from her performances in Kenya and in the UK.


The multitalented singer, songwriter and instrumentalist has been on the spotlight as one of the best songwriters in the country. He broke into the limelight after revealing that he was the one who wrote Sauti Sol’s mega hit ‘Melanin’ in which they featured Patoranking. The song was a continental sensation that created an ‘melanin fever’ all over the continent raking an overwhelming 15 million views on Youtube. The singer says, “Most of my songs have a story behind them. They have a hidden message that is brought out in a plot so for someone to understand my music, they have to follow the plot. That’s why I call myself a storyteller.” Nviiri says he has been part of the Sol family for quite some time now even before he decided to start doing music with Sol Generation. He has been working with Sauti Sol on several projects including other artistes like Alicios.



The young, vibrant, enthusiastic and multitalented young boy band consists of a trio of Chris Clave, Israel Onyach and Eugene Ywaya. The young band has been having praises coming their way way even before they joined Sol Generation. They have been deemed high as the ones who will dethrone Sauti Sol after bands like Le Band, H_Art the band and Elani ran out of steam along the way. The young trio ooze out incomparable talent and mastery of the art. The trio met at a music school called Sauti Academy where Ywaaya and Israel were a duo but then Chris decided to join them. Ever since then, they had been performing as an independent group at various joints. They joined Sol Generation when the label had auditions and they went for the auditions and passed. Their vocal mastery earned them a chance to be part of this elite team of young talented musicians although they say it also took time. Saut Sol attended a number of their live performances before actually deciding to sign them onto the label.