It is always a testy moment when one wants to introduce his girlfriend to his mother. He is plagued by questions on whether her mom will agree with his choice and her approval or disapproval haunts him. This is accompanied by a nagging defiance if the girl in question features on his mother’s blacklist. Every mother has a blacklist. Chances are you’ve been told not to bring a certain type of girl home. Mothers’ stereotypes range from tribal lines to physical appearance and most do not make sense to anyone else save for her.

Sean Doohan found himself in a sticky situation when he brought his girlfriend to meet his mother.

Now, the Irish have always been generally conservative people. Given their whiskey and bag pipes, they’ll hover to their corner and trouble no one, till the pints become one too many and rowdiness sets in. But that is now in question as polls opened today on a referendum seeking to legalize same sex marriage. Whether this will pass remains in question but the level of bigotry in the small republic remains high.

I can imagine she had cooked a nice meal, put on a tea dress complete with gloves and thought up little tests to put to the girl. The first meeting is a time when mothers put on their hawk eye to check into the depths of a girl’s character and assess the suitability. But she did not have to get into the details as the first, and apparently unforgivable flaw was staring at her right into the face. The girl was black.

Torn between trying to appear fine with it while also dwelling on what her neighbours would think, she offered the girl a cup of tea then was taken by a seizure. Her son, after several failed attempts to resuscitate her, called the ambulance. The paramedics found her immobile repeating the words “I’m fine with it, absolutely fine with it”

She recovered later in a hospital where she said that she had initially thought that they were being robbed when her son asked her to meet his girlfriend. She does not remember much after that but her recovery seems to be founded on a consolation.

“I  mean, if he wants to go out with a black girl, then I’m fine with it, absolutely fine with it. I’m sure it won’t be for long, you know, until she goes home. But I’m fine with it. Really. Absolutely fine with it”.

While that may seem laughable from our end, it would do to take some time and think how your mom would react if you took your current girlfriend/boyfriend home. Share with us your imagined reaction.


Source; waterfordwhispersnews.com/