Chelsea seems to be suffering in the hands of almost all teams. Sarri’s boys were once again humiliated in a thrilling FA cup match.Manchester United humbled Chelsea on the Monday night fixture at Stamford bridge,London.

Chelsea woes began when they were thrashed a stunning 4-0 with Bournemouth. This was how their first English Premier League dip began. A few weeks later they fell to the mighty Manchester City 6-0.

The team had started the season with an impressive start after holding on to the top spots for almost half the season. After some impressive signings including Jorginho and Gonzalo Higuan the season seemed to be looking bright.


Chelsea seem to be going down the drain as they face their biggest failures of the season. Sarri the team’s manager does not seem bothered by the sentiments shared by fans. Fans are angered by the fact that after all the changes and signings there is no change in performance.

Sarri maintains that he has no problem with the players. He believes all the players still have confidence in his style of play

Chelsea have since been knocked out of the FA cup after the defeat by Manchester United. Sarri needs to change his tactics and re collect his team to ensure hopes for the premier league title stay alive.