This is the question on everyone’s mind? How hard is it to date a celebrity? There have been  break ups between celebs and their girlfriends. the most recent one being Otile brown and Vera Sidika.

The reasons for their breakup? Vera claims Otile walked out on her after she refused to give him 500k to buy a benzo. Otile Brown on the other hand accepts the claims but also stated that Vera is broke and could not pay her bills. Do celebrities get together just for the money and the fame? For a relationship to work there has to be love but why is the question about cash always a problem?

Harmonize is another celebrity who has recently broken up with his Italian girlfriend. Sarah got angry at harmonize after a DM she saw on the artist’s page which was from another lady. This may look like something small but does the attention celebrities get from the opposite sex disturb their partners?


On the positive side there are celebrities who have shown that the lime light does not ruin their relationship. Size 8 and Dj Mo are a good example. Their secret is always know your partner and trust them. Eric Omondi and Italian girlfriend have also been an internet sensation with their ever bound love.

This shows that the limelight does not really have to matter in a relationship.