Jaden Smith and Tyler the Creator have been crowding the headlines thanks to their controversial sexual identification status. Are the two dating or it’s just a whole fuss? The duo doesn’t seem to be willing to clear the air despite the several rumors and indicators that have emerged. Jaden Smith, whose last declared relationship was with Sara Synder at the age of 17 which didn’t go smoothly as expected has on several occasions expressed his preference to date the Grammy award winning rapper, Tyler the Creator. However, Tyler has remained hidden in the shadows in regards to this matter…

Jaden Smith

The relationship between the two is a complicated realm! Despite the signs and messages all over the industry, the denial is still upfront. Jaden has previously not once but at several incidents expressed his feelings for Tyler. Right from the beginning in 2015, Jaden tweeted “I think I’m in love with you, I don’t know I’m still figuring it out, but in the meantime, Happy Birthday” which became the outbreak sensation with many magazines and publications claiming he has finally come out as gay.

Tyler the Creator

Later on in 2018, he tweeted saying, “Yup @tylerthecreator I told everyone, you can’t deny it now.” To which Tyler re-tweeted, “hahaha, you are a crazy man.” Not just in his endless tweets but Jaden has openly made statements saying that Tyler has always been his boyfriend since forever and when Tyler denies it, it’s just because he is shy.


Tyler has not yet confirmed Jaden’s revelation; it seems he has a complex discovery of his sexuality and hasn’t found himself yet. Even with the one-sided love, Jaden has never held back as he congratulated Tyler on winning the 2020 Best Rap Album by tweeting; “My boyfriend just won a Grammy!” Although Tyler still has no open thoughts on the same. Look like the chase is sure going to be a long-run play. It’s better to say it’s complicated!