King Kaka

Almost a week ago, King Kaka released his new video for “Koth Biro”, a song he’s done with Ayub Ogada. A great song, great message, full of content and his delivery on point. He brought out his lyrical prowess so well, with his wordplay as great as ever. “Kindness huonwa na kipofu, na husikizwa na kiziwi…” he goes.

However, the song has managed to get only 34k views as at now. We can argue yes, we should not call that ‘only’, but this is King Kaka. His videos should hit that number of views in a day. Maybe, it’s the election fever, can we say so? Well, let’s compare a couple of videos released almost the same time. Akothee released Baby Daddy the same day. Right now Akothee’s video has 189K!

King Kaka has been releasing music ‘bumper to bumper’ and maybe, it’s time he toned down and gave his fans a breather. He might be saturating his audience, as his Milele with Pascal Tokodi is barely a month old. Same with Octopizzo. His video Nu Africa has 58K views (not bad though, one week later).