Kylie Jenner may be only 18, but on Nov. 24, rumours began swirling that she might be pregnant with her 26-year-old boyfriend Tyga’s baby! Kylie finally took to Twitter to set the record straight. So, can we expect an adorable new Jenner baby in nine months?


When Kylie reunited with Tyga on Nov. 21, less than 48 hours after their Nov. 19 breakup, fans were shocked. So when a report surfaced that Kylie was pregnant, it kind of made sense. Why else would she get back together with someone that she caught cheating on her? Well, it turns out that Kylie didn’t find the idea quite as logical, and she took to Twitter to share her reaction.

“They’ve been saying I’m pregnant for one year now… One year. Let’s get it together lol, Kylie said on Twitter.

There are frequent pregnancy rumors about the youngest Jenner, even though she’s only 18. If she had been pregnant for all of them, she definitely would have popped out a kid by now. Plus, we do see an awful lot of Kylie’s midriff, and there’s no way there’s a baby in that tiny tummy.