I think you need to pull a chair, sit back and get updated on what’s happening around you because at this rate you might be left out on the latest trends. Rings have always been fancy things to own and a fancy way to symbolize that someone is ‘taken’. It’s every girl’s dream to have a boyfriend and one day say yes to him after he asks for her hand in marriage. In most cases this is usually accompanied by a ring that usually is a symbol of a promise. This has been the tradition over the years until people came up with a new trend of having a tattoo around their finger to stand in the place of a metallic ring.

A diamond ring.

Oh well,  this could be amazing for some people and for some it could be a super daring move to make. Maybe this could be a great option for the people who don’t love being bothered by metallic rings around their fingers and even the careless ones who often misplace their rings. Most  people even remove their rings when they’re touching water just to get rid of their rings fading.

A couple with tattooed ring fingers.

Just before we even recovered from the shock of having tattooed rings booom here is another trend having the ring finger pierced and fixing a diamond in it. Should we just say this is for the people we refer to as crazy? However, the world is for the brave ones and the people who embrace change without fear.

A pierced ring finger.

The finger piercings have one or two studs depending on what an individual may prefer. For a single stud, a micro dermal anchor is put under an individual’s skin and the piece of jewellery inserted into a finger. The  whole process entails the use of the dermal punch to remove a small circle of flesh from one’s finger and the dermal anchor is inserted into the hole. For the two studs, it is a more similar piercing like the one that is done on the tongue. A bar pierces through the skin of the finger and balls are attached on both sides. The most shocking part is that it takes a whole year for the pierced finger to heal but wait is it even worth it?

Different designs of finger piercings.

In as much as this could be seen as an easy option for the daring type this is still too much. How about if your finger is knocked by something? What if the stud is not correctly inserted and it results to other unplanned injuries or complications? Nevertheless, this is a cheaper option compared to getting a real diamond ring.

Let us know fahm would you do this?