Over the weekend a top Tanzanian rapper was involved in a grisly road accident, which he however came out of unhurt. Darassa was heading to Dar es Salaam from Kahama with his video director and buddy Hanscana when their car overturned severally. This has raised so much talk within the social media with guys saying that the ‘Muziki’ hitmaker might have been bewitched due to his dominance in the recent past, with his song being an East African anthem. This brings out memories of similar this. Here we look at cases where artistes have been accused of using black magic to excel in their music.

  1. Susumila and Chikuzee.

These two did “Hidaya” and “Ngoma itambae”, two songs which were huge. It’s however the second song that caused waves all over Kenya making the two household names. Then abruptly, they would not get along. Then at some point Chikuzee claimed that Susumila was using the services of black magic so as to stay on top of his game. Susumila rubbished these claims saying that it’s his hard work that brought forth all the success.

 2. Ally B.

Mid last year, this soulful singer claimed that he had been bewitched. His claims stemmed from the fact that he had been feeling sick and whenever he went to see doctors, they found no ailment. He also claimed that his condition worsened whenever he was scheduled to perform.

 3. Diamond Platinumz.

Diamond Platinumz’s office has a skeleton head which people believe has more than meets the eye. Despite the crooner stating that it’s got nothing to do beyond beautifying his office, people have often pointed out to his blings which have the same things. Then in their recent beef with Ohmmy Dimpoz deepended this even further, with Ohmmy saying in an interview that Diamond’s managers had at one time been concerned with their closeness. In an interview somewhere this year Ohmmy said, “Unajua bwana kuna nani yule anasema saa hizi inabidi niwe makini kwa maana ule ukaribu wetu wanaona ni kama nakupeleka kwa waganga wangu labda…”

The skull on Diamond's table
The skull on Diamond’s table

4. TID and Q-Chillah.

These two are the pioneers of Bongo flava. Back in the day, TID and Q-Chillah teamed up to form Top Band, and featured MR. Blue to do a big song across East Africa called ‘Nilikataa’. After the song, Top Band disintegrated and Q-Chillah’s career went down. Then Q-chillah brought up the accusation that TID had bewitched him.

 5. Jose Chameleone.

He is arguably one of the most popular artistes in East Africa. The evergreen artiste has also had a fair share of the witchcraft allegations with dancehall singer Badman Denzo alleging that the ‘Tubonge’ hitmaker frequents Tanzania to see some witchcraft. “He was quoted to have said, “Am very sure Chameleone uses witchcraft, that ka-guy. He gets his charms from Tanzania. I once found him in Dar es Salaam,” he said in an interview.

Do you think these allegations are valid? Does it really mean that no musician can make it without a little bit of charm (If at all such thing exists)?