Two words, ‘missed Wangechi’. Provoke don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna provoke you but I missed her music. I mean y’all gotta agree with me that Wangechi alikuwa amecheza chini sanaar. However her silence was worth it to me but I don’t know whether you feel the same peeps?

So the ‘Queen’ is back as she says but where she had gone, we need not know. Wangechi has caught vibe but she disappears and looses it and when she is back, she has to start from scratch but we hope it won’t be another hit and run with ‘Used to it’.

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Wangechi on the mic

I guess ‘Used to it’ is a dowpe jam but we all cannot miss the fact that Wangechi is looking like Dej Loaf’s twin in her new song. That left me thinking like, ‘Does Dej Loaf inspire her rap or does she just dig her look?’

Hmmm… that look, let’s just ponder on it some other time, lets wag our tongues about the hit song Used to it. Her sense of rap has that 80’s & 90’s kind of feeling when rap used to be rap. No offense guys am just been true. We gotta agree that we never expected this from Wangechi, she not only drops hits because most of her hits turn out to be explosive and capture a massive audience. So let’s simply say she drops bombs, lol. I don’t know how you feel about ‘Used to it’ but for me, it is a 100% hit.

For all wondering what we are talking about, we gatch yah covered. I mean we are ‘used to it’ and you can get a piece of Wangechi’s Used to it jam below.