Word on the street is that Michelle Yola is pregnant with her first child. Guess that means we do not only have one Nairobi Diaries’pregnancy with Mishi Dora who is six months along.

Howerver, what is puzzling everyone is who is responsible for her baby? Is it her infamous ex Prezzo or her current German beau?

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According to various sources close to the reality TV star, Michelle is quite far a long in the pregnancy which is why she has been scarce on the Nairobi Diaries’ episodes. She has been dating her white bae for about five months now. We will just have to wait and see if these rumors are true.

On the other hand, Yola has not responded to the rumor but all we know is that she doesn’t want anything to do with the rapper as revealed by a reliable Kenyan entertainment blog.

Anyway…for now let us wait and see what Yola has to say about this!