Kakea Mbachu is one of the students fine tuning their skills at the International School of Advertising. She sits tall and expresses herself confidently as she shares her story and therein her decision to come to study with ISA. Kakea got her undergraduate degree in International Relations at USIU but had always had an interest in PR. Her interest alone got her a job at one of Nairobi’s PR agencies where she worked while still going to school for her first degree. Upon graduation she realized that the International Relations world did not appeal to her and her heart was still set in PR.

“PR is in my blood, and I find the PR world exciting,” She says. The fire in her eyes is clear. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.

Kakea Mbachu is taking a CAM (Communications Advertising and Marketing) accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK. She knows that a CAM diploma will not only align her passion with the Communications and PR world but also prepare her to be at the cutting edge of professional development with practical skills in Digital Marketing and Communications.

“It’s great to understand the whole Communication ecosystem and the different roles within it and how they all interact in the digital revolution we are all experiencing.”

The CAM diploma is a 9 unit course covering Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing and Integrated Digital Media and Marketing. You can learn more about CAM alongside other professional courses here.