Judy Mozes, wife of Israeli interior minister, was the subject of criticism and heavy backlash on Twitter yesterday after making a racist joke of which United States president Barack Obama was the subject.

Mrs. Mozes posted the following tweet yesterday afternoon:


The backlash she received was swift and relentless (as you’d expect from Twitter), which thus forced her into making the following apology:


During which she still attempted to make light of the situation:


, a task at which she failed even more.

Despite the apologies, social; media users from all over the world are not letting her off the hook easily. It takes more than an apology to erase the memory of a minister’s wife casually making a joke of such magnitude.

Do you remember a time when important people in government refrained from making racist ‘light hearted’ jokes? Yeah, me neither. It’s become a bit of a formality upon which I like many others, shake my head in response and simply move on.


By: Doug L Fresh

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