It has been a hell of a week for Chris Brown and Snoop Dogg, both of whom were on tour in foreign countries. Snoop was in Sweden for a show while Breezy was at the Philippines when they both had run ins with the police.  


Snoop’s car was pulled over by the cops as he was coming from a concert because he “seemed to be under the influence of narcotics. He was arrested and taken to the police station to take a urine test,” according to a police spokesman. He was released after a urine test, whose results are not yet known. He Instagramed his entire arrest which he claimed to be a case of racial profiling as that they had not found anything in his pee.

The rapper is a known stoner and has not shied off from making it public so most likely the Swedish police were hoping they would find blunts on him but they should have known better. After all the pot busts, he has definitely devised ways of getting around with his herb without getting done in.


On the other hand, Breezy’s case was not pot related. He was booked after a packed concert in Manila under claims of outstanding fraud allegations in the country over a canceled concert last New Year’s Eve. Brown was prevented from leaving on his private plane Wednesday pending clearance by the Bureau of Immigration. He allegedly missed the concert, over which he had been paid for $1 million, because he did not get a passport.

Immigrations officers stopped Chris and told him he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the country unless he paid back the concert promoters, or applied for the emigration license required to get out of there. Breezy, however, was able to leave, when he applied for the certificate and the department found that “Chris [had] no other derogatory record apart from the [immigration lookout bulletin]”

Well, for what it’s worth, they wiggled themselves out.