Yes, we know when you guys are taking a break from the gram you head on over to Facebook to see what’s happening, and if you do, you know one of the most popular groups. When you hear the phrase Kilimani Mums sure the first thing that comes to mind is gossip

Well well, now Kilimani Mums seems to have now evolved from being a simple Facebook group to being a TV show. However it’s not clear whether the new TV show dubbed ‘Kilimani Mums Show’ has anything to do with the ratchet Facebook group.

Kilimani Mums Show is a talk show aimed at telling the African Woman story with no bias or discrimination. Many women in Kenya are afraid of telling their stories simply because they fear being ostracized, judged or even termed as “not good enough

This is a short description of the show on their video on YouTube.

So questions is- will you watch it, or Nairobi Diaries is enough?

Watch the video below: