Bubbly and energetic radio presenter Mwende Macharia has spoken out about her fallout with J Blessing. She hosts Konnect on Radio Maisha and just like any other celebrity, scandals aren’t always too far. She recently opened up to SDE and Parents Magazine on her fallout with Churchill Show director and videographer J Blessing. Yes, the man who would later date Chantelle. And they would later break up too…

If you find it hard sharing personal stories with others, imagine how hard it is for celebs. They share theirs with the whole world. Okay, Kenya is not the whole world so maybe that was a tad exaggerated. Mwende Macharia talks about how rocky her relationship became with J Blessing.

The year was 2014 and love couldn’t have looked better on Mwende and J Blessing, “We were engaged, I had met his parents in Diani and we were set to get married,” Mwende narrates. “I kept asking him to define the relationship but he wasn’t forthcoming. I later discovered that I was pregnant.  All my life, I had not imagined myself as a single mother and so I called him immediately. He came to my house and told me he had moved on. I was very bitter. I threatened to abort, but he pleaded with me not to, promising to support the child.” She revealed on SDE.

Oh love. Darn. It pushes us to the farthest of edges. I mean, if she had even contemplated abortion, yoh!! She gave birth to a boy, Champion Blessing. She was also making big leaps as her radio career started to blossom. It seems her loss in love was preparing her for other responsibilities, her child, and her career. J Blessing has been supportive of the kid nonetheless.

J Blessing then went on to date the sassy and sexy Chantelle. But how would you feel seeing your baby daddy (whom you had actual feelings for) getting it on with a new chic? Exactly! “It wasn’t easy seeing him with someone else. However, he was always there for us during the pregnancy and even pledged to look after Champion. He never said that he was not interested in co-parenting as has been alluded in the past.”

Chantelle and J Blessing had a baby but unfortunately, passed away about 2 years ago. Baby Kyle’s death was one of the most painful deaths in the glitzy industry and fans, friends and well-wishers wished the two well. The new couple, however, did not last long. Theirs was another scandal that saw Chantelle accused of cheating and was even reportedly seen locking lips with another dude.

I kent. Fame is a crazy ride I tell yah. Moving on swiftly, Mwende Macharia has also moved on swiftly. She recently hosted J Blessing on her show dubbed #KonnectInspirationalWednesday and she handled her ex with maturity. Now that’s what we call grace.