The ousted former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma has hit the headlines once more and this time not because of politics but because of one of his many wives. The 24 year old youngest wife, Nonkanyiso Conco Zuma has been caught in a controversial situation after a fake twitter account surfaced linked to her.

Nonkanyiso Conco

Conco is the director of culture and youth development aimed at protecting the cultural practices of young Zulu women. She allegedly met with Zuma during a cultural event for preserving local tunes and dances.

The young wife, had to come out and clarify that she didn’t have a Twitter account after an account in her name tweeted several controversial tweets over the new year. However this didn’t do any good to South Africans who were thirsty for answers and approached the family spokesperson who made it even worse for the very much criticized young lady.

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Vukile Mathabela (the spokesperson) told the people that in his view the account looked like a parody hence couldn’t confirm until he verified this with the family. This raised eyebrows since most people could not understand why there was need for further consultations if it was fake.

Here are the tweets:

“Good morning South Africa, on behalf of Zuma family we wish you a prosperous 2019, this year it’s a game changer for us as me and my hubby we are on this platform”

“My hubby is fit and fresh, I love you bae”

People don’t have peace in Twitter please mind your own business nihlukane nempilo zabanye abantu, ngijabulile ngiright ningenaphi?”