In the wake of the brutal murder of Jacob Juma, many questions are being raised as to why such an outspoken, daring personality met such a cruel death.

Larry in his Daily Nation Front Row segment today addressed this issue. See an excerpt from the piece below.

When he sensationally claimed that there were plans to kill him in January, most of his followers probably assumed that was just Jacob Juma being Jacob Juma. He seemed to have lots of inside information and was not afraid to name names and call out those in power, he even posted confidential documents…….it’s all fun and games until you turn up dead at night, shot at least 10 times by unknown people

Most people are blaming the government for his murder, saying Juma was a threat to the Jubilee and that they had to silence him

So does that mean people should now be more careful about what they put out on social media platforms.

Can one be murdered because of tweeting sensitive information, and if so, is it really worth one’s life.