Prezzo – Jaguar beef dates back several years. But the beef has been rather quiet until recently when Prezzo pulled one of the most awkward interviews on live TV.

Prezzo denied knowing Jaguar and could’t even pronounce his name. He later on made fun of the singer when Betty asked him to read the news.

Jaguar who is also NACADA Director has offered rehabilitation complimentary to rapper Prezzo.

”I’m busy fighting drug abuse in this nation, the only thing I can do for Prezzo, is to give him a complimentary ticket to one of our rehabs in Mombasa or Nairobi”

“I would like to save Kenyans from Prezzo by rehabilitating him, drug abuse is the biggest problem to our youth” 

Jaguar who was appointed by President Kenyatta recently to the drug abuse fighting body NACADA, said 5 years ago, he would have had time to respond to Prezzo, but he now had nothing to tell him.


Oyaro Clinton