They say lisemwalo lipo, and it’s been said severally that popular singer Jaguar has an eye on some political seat. As usual, the rumor was rubished and attributed to the singer’s close ties with President Uhuru and some other political bigwigs. It has now emerged that the singer is indeed getting into politics, 139 days before the General Election. The Kigeugeu hitmaker is running for the parliamentary seat of Nairobi’s Starehe. According to Msetoea, Jaguar has confirmed this.

So that you know, Starehe constituency is currently represented in Parliament by the popular city politician Maina Kamanda, and Jaguar shall have to topple him in Jubilee’s party nominations. Will he make it through the party primaries? Let’s hope he does. Then the higher he goes, the hotter it becomes. Steve Mbogo, the flamboyant city tycoon is also eyeing the same seat on a ODM ticket. You see how hot it is? No, you haven’t. Besides Mbogo, popular activist, who launched his ‘Ukweli Party’ yesterday is also eyeing the same seat. You get it now?

Jaguar stepped down from his post as director at the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) few weeks ago and has been engaging in doing charity work, a trait that is well-known of him. Few days ago he bought some disabled cobbler a wheelchair and stole each Kenyan’s heart. Jaguar now joins a long list of showbiz persons who have decided to give politics a shot, like Frasha who is running for an MCA seat at Athi River Township. Let’s see how it goes.