The video to the bound to be mega hit Going Nowhere by Jaguar featuring Mafikizolo was just released a week ago already has 150,000 views

When Jaguar and his Mainswitch Production team flew into South Africa to shoot the video, he had no idea of the drama that was waiting for him.

While at the airport, Jaguar’s crew was questioned for hours by security officers as to why they were in possession of so much foreign currency, money that was meant to meet their expenses in South Africa.

“We were grilled for hours and were only released after they realised that Jaguar is a very popular artiste across Africa. It was then that they offered us full security escort all the way to the hotel. This is because of the insecurity issues there that saw Nigerian star Davido lose Sh18 million to robbers late last year,”

he says

Jaguar also lost Sh200,000 to unknown people who posed as security officers. The Sh200,000 was part of a huge stash that is seen in the video, cash that was being flaunted during a club scene.

“I don’t really want to talk about that now but whoever has told you that is not too far from the truth. A lot happened in South Africa during the Going Nowhere shoot and I am glad, the video is worth the challenges,” Jaguar added

This is not the first time that we’ve heard of Kenyans being given a super hard time by their SA counterparts.Well let’s hope that this collabo bridges the gap and minimizes some of the animosity

Source: Standard Digital