Ati whaaaaat! Well, that was almost everyone’s reaction when Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua tied the knot 2 years ago. Oh well, forgive me for forgetting to say former Citizen TV news anchor. She opened up about how she was trolled for that decision and why, actually, she decided to go at it bra-less. 

Janet Mbugua is a name that is associated with glamour and style…and poise as she used to read the news for us. Her wedding which took place at Chaka Ranch was nothing short of that. It was a private ceremony as she exchanged vows with one lucky man Edward Ndichu. The internet paparazzi somehow got the pics and as usual, she was criticized for several things. You know how nasty Kenyans can get at times. But she’s a strong girl this one. One of the most glaring facts though was that she wasn’t in a bra. Surprise much?

She was recently interviewed by Kalekye Mumo on K24’s Talk Central on the *perky* issue and this is what she said, “I was pregnant nothing else mattered at that time. I was like you wanna plan a wedding, fine, plan it around me. I would hardly attend the meetings because I was a little sick. So it was funny, I think that was my saving grace because I didn’t take it seriously. I don’t have any regrets, all I know is that I don’t feel too much for it because I wasn’t in the frame of mind, I was pregnant, I was coming out of my first trimester so I was a bit sick. I just wanted to get through and finish so no regrets.”

There you have it folks. She was going through a lot and throwing bile at her for a choice she made on her wedding day (it was her wedding, not anyone elses) is not fair. But i’m still seeing her in that white gown, with her public image at stake and then she decides to pull off such a move. Wah! Kalekye pressed on the matter during the interview, we all know how colourful a soul she is. “Kenyans on social media decided that they would go HAM on you and there are like oh my God what’s up with this dress, oooh she didn’t wear a bra. What’s going on?” ” So first, did you wear a bra?”  Kalekye asked.

Janet then explained by adding, “I had those…what do you call them? Cup holders, it’s like there is barely any balance! Again I didn’t care because I was pregnant. Even my hair had to be a certain way because I couldn’t retouch it because you can’t retouch it when you are in the early stages of pregnancy. There were so many things I had to consider around my pregnancy that I was like, ‘I know it looks a bit funny, but it’s all right my child has to be healthy.” Her son is called Baby Huru.

So there you have it folks, straight from her. She didn’t wear a bra, she wore cup-holders. Ha!

Source: Pulse Live