She has not been hidden about how motherhood has impacted her life.

Janet Mbugua through her YouTube video series recently revealed that it’s not the piece of cake it looks like. Balancing her job and time for her family has its side effects one of them being guilt.

The news anchor opened up about her feelings of guilt on leaving baby Ethan with the nanny.

“You feel guilty when you leave your baby with the nanny for just one night because you need to really catch up on your sleep”

In previous times, Janet has always kept her life private. However she recently learnt to open up, just around the time when she got married to Eddie Ndichu. Well she has taken her openness up a notch.

Janet showcased the beauty of motherhood in one simple shot. In the pic below she is seen feeding her son as she is getting ready for a shoot. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a mother doing her first and most important job-ensuring her child is okay.

See the pic below

Maybe Janet should be the Kenyan spokeswoman for the latest online breastfeeding revolution . As you know there has been a campaign to help mothers feel more comfortable about breastfeeding(in public) worldwide.