Kanye West has gone on one of his epic rants about Jay Z not visiting or calling him and his wife Kim Kardashian after the reality star’s Paris robbery. He implies that Jay is not a good friends. Clearly their 16 year friendship is being tested.

During a Saint Pablo Tour date on Wednesday. Kanye shouted

Don’t call me, after the robbery, and say “how you feelin?” You wanna know how I’m feelin? Come by the house!

He feels like the friendship is not real: On Wednesday Kanye complained Jay does not come by the house with Beyonce and his daughter. Here Jay and Kanye are seen with Beyonce and Kim Kardashian in 2012

Now numerous sources are claiming that Jay Z cannot stand  Kanye and actually looks as him as a crazy nut job he cannot tolerate.

And Jay Z, who is wed to singer Beyonce, has only ‘tolerated’ West for business reasons. Jay saw the opportunity to milk the most out of the 2011 album that the two recorded together.

Kanye also brought the children into this. He claims that his daughter North West and Blue Ivy have never played together indicating there is a problem between the two.