President Barack Obama turned 55 years old on Aug 4, and his wife Michelle Obama is said to be throwing him a huge bash this weekend at the White House.

The ‘top-secret’ party will host a number of guests and music stars which includes Jay Z,Beyonce and Obama’s favorite rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Also in attendance will be American singer Usher alongside John Legend and Jennifer Hudson.

A couple of politicians are also expected to be part of the affair including Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Social media will be banned during the function with sources alluding it to the fact that things might get pretty wild!

“All the preparations and the guest list are being kept top-secret. The plan is to throw a party for the president to really let his hair down. There will be performances and a dance party that will go late into the night. Social media will be banned.”

It promises to be one epic party given that this will be Obama’s last birthday in his tenure as President of the USA.