Well, this came out of nowhere. While the world is busy battling the ‘Rona’ pandemic, it looks like Jay-Z has some of his ghosts to battle with. The famous rapper has always been recognized as the father of three beautiful children; Blue, Sir, and Rumi.


  • Looks like the number of his children might be changing now with a 28-year-old Maryland woman, La’Teasha Macer, claiming to be Hov’s long lost daughter. Of course, her claims should be taken with a major grain of salt. She claims that she has been told her entire life by her family that Jay-Z is her biological father.

Last week, Macer- whose Instagram handle is @jayzfirstdaughter- claimed to the entire world that the rapper and businessman is her biological father. “I’ve been quiet for far too long!” the caption reads. “Join me as I tell you my story of living in the shadows of being Jay-Z daughter in a city where everyone knew he was my father!” In the post, Macer talks about her mother’s battles and her challenges. She got backed up by Terry Turner: her sister who claimed on Facebook to know everything from the start to finish.

However, this is not the first time someone has said that Hov is their biological father. Back in 2018, a man by the name of Rymir Satterthwaite claimed that Jay was his father and said Jay had been avoiding a DNA test for years. After all that drama and Jay-Z denying the claim several times, the world finally got to know the truth which favored Jay-Z of course.