We waited patiently for what we were made to believe would blow our minds. After being teased for weeks, we were served with a rather bland ad. KCB Ule Msee is an ad in which comedian Jaymo Ule Msee talks about the new KCB app. The theme of the ad is political; Jaymo is acting as a politician who has come to ‘spread the good news’ about the goodies that KCB has in store for the people.

It is a poorly executed advert, don’t get me wrong, I am not hating, but some facts need to be stated. The ad has sucked the funny out of Jaymo. He’s not at his rib-cracking best. Perhaps he didn’t write the script. Most probably the people at KCB dictated the script, instead of letting Jaymo express the ad message in his own words. It gets worse. Most of the actors look confused on set. And speaking of the set; is that really the actual size of a political crowd?! Like, I thought people “hire” crowds when they are not popular? And can we talk about the pretty lady standing next to the ‘politician’? Like, is she supposed to be his publicist or wife?

I believe that the good people at the marketing department at KCB picked Jaymo to headline the ad coz of his popularity on social media (I also believe that cats have more than 9 lives, but who cares?). So why didn’t they let him be his usual funny self? What happened to creative freedom? I feel KCB shortchanged (no pun intended) Jaymo. But hey, he’s the one who got paid, not me.

And what’s with that Sheng? The ad will probably lose a lot of potential KCB clients who don’t get the slang. On a positive note though, a portion of the audience will relate to Jaymo. I am talking about wasee wa mtaa, and this makes sense given that they are the ones who make most use of the app.  And of course Jaymo made some major coin from this project, good for him!

-Kat Mirero

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