Success comes in various forms and kicks in at any point in life.The desire to achieve a goal can only be fulfilled when preparation meets opportunity.This was the same case for Jeff Akoh ,a Nigerian singer and vocalist who started singing at the age of six!At this age most of the kids are usually glued to Television screens trying to catch up with the latest cartoons.Amazing how some children are raised.Parents play a major role in contributing towards the success of their children in every aspect.Through the help of his parents,Jeff would practice how to sing every time even before meals.This must have been intense but nothing great is achieved effortlessly you must WORK!

Jeff continued sharpening his skills just like a soldier who sharpens his knife even without an alarm of a battle.Jeff later joined school and won for his first time in 2010.This was just a pathway to his success .Jeff’s brightest day dawned when he emerged as a winner in the eighth season of Project fame West Africa in 2015 at the age of 18 years.This was his greatest moment in life having recorded as the youngest singer to have won in Project Fame.Clearly hard work has its’ way of manifesting after great effort has been put in.

When Jeff was announced the winner of MTN project fame West Africa.

This was a major achievement and his opening to greater opportunities.Jeff landed a management deal with 960 Music group and Ultima productions.He later released other songs such as “never let you go” that have helped him to rise in prominence.Having kept his fans on the go,Jeff released his first album Lokoja on 27th October 2017 during his 21st birthday.Such an amazing gift to his fans.Great news is that Jeff has collaboed a song with our very own Khalighraph Jones a song known as Halima.

Once a set objective is attained the dream becomes broader.Jeff is looking forward to working with Naiboi,Wyre among other renown artists.More reason why we should watch his space.Jeff advises everyone to find their purpose,commit time and resources to it and listen to Parents.Everyone has their own inspiration and with no doubt this is enough inspiration to keep you on the go!!