Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s separation was a shock to many as this was among the most powerful couples in the world. The best reaction awaited was that of Jennifer Aniston, the world has been waiting for her karma themed opinion about the divorce but she decided to take the high road and play it cool and calm.


Karma definitely comes around and has proven to us that all that goes around comes around. As much as Jen is not saying much about the divorce, she did have the last laugh regarding all that Brad made her go through.


Jenny might not want to do anything about it but the internet sure is doing it for her. People are blowing up the internet with endless memes of Jennifer’s possible reaction to the news trending. Ask me and I would support Jenny to keep up her high road vibe. She is happily married and has a husband who treats her as the queen she is, so why bother with what your past is going through in his present.