No, this story is not about the other highly talented Kenyan, Tejas Herani, who also has the potential of being the first Kenyan to make it to the prestigious Formula 1 championship. This is a tale of a 17 year old teenie who has just managed to enter into one of the top Formula 4 championships…

Jermey Wahome Trophies

As part of Kenya’s 2050 world domination plans (insert evil laugh), Jeremy Wahome (we’ll call him Jay Dub from now on) has been entered into the prestigious British Race Drivers’ Club (BRDC) Formula 4 Championship. Speed demons will note that current Formula 1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, is also a member of the BRDC.


On his Facebook page, J Dub broke the news to the world:

Excited to announce that I will be taking part in the Duo BRDC F4 2016 championship. It’s amazing to think that only about 2 years ago I was reading about this championship and how I wished I could join, and this year I will be racing in it, and I thank God! This is a really big step in my racing career and I’m really looking forward to a successful season with Chris Dittmann racing. First race of the season (24 races) is in about 2 months time, shall keep you posted on all my preparations and more news as I continue to represent Kenya in the world of motorsport.

The BRDC F4 2016 championship revs off on March 27th. Keep an eye on J Dub’s career as he takes a stab at becoming Kenya’s first Forumla 1 driver.

Additionally, it will be a rather busy year as both Kenyan teeniez, J Dub and Tejas, battle for the crown of Kenya’s first Formula

Source: BRDC