Do you know that saying?

“That you should never meet your heroes?”

Well, that’s what I felt when I first heard this album. It was like meeting Jessie Reyez face to face; only she’s somewhere in Canada and I am in Kenya so it was more like meeting her soul.

To be completely honest, at first, I did not like it. Meeting her soul. Or rather, I did not like the first two tracks of the album; which are Do you love Her and DEAF.

Do you love Her which introduces the whole album carries the somber-love-crazy mood that is present in the whole album; and the lyrics are, as all Jessie’s lyrics are, beautifully cutthroat.

I should have f****d your friends.

That’s how she starts.

Kiss me; am the monster that you made.

She continues.

With such lyrics that we love her for, you would expect me to love the song.  But for some reason; the beats did not just cut it out for me. They did not give me some type of feeling I wanted.

But I continued to the next track which is DEAF and carrying that insane Jessie’s lyrics and voice, still; the beats, the damn beats. They just did not do justice to the song.

At that point, I was so disappointed, especially because Jessie Reyez is one artist who I personally feel her songs speak directly to me. And also, I had like “chachishad” this album (before it came out) to all my friends so I pretty much felt like hiding my head under a rock for her.

Because it is Jessie, I decided to give her a chance and played the third track, which is Intruders.

And this is where she redeemed herself.

Intruders start out with that slow R&B vibe that you are not really sure again if it’s R&B when you listen to it closely.  It’s like its own genre. The beats, the lyrics, the entire compilation of it was purely Jessie Reyez.

Honestly, I felt like I could pull out my head under that rock and finally take peek to this album with pride in my heart.

I especially loved the following lines from intruders:

You are beautiful, beautiful

I see them stare

But you belong to me.

I was like, okay Jessie; this is what I have been waiting to hear.

From there, it just kept getting better and better.

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After Intruders there was Coffin featuring Eminem which was actually my personal favorite in the whole album not just because it featured Eminem who I get this urge to listen to on certain days but also because the whole song grabbed my whole body and threw me over the edge of the roof; just as love did to Jessie and Eminem according to the song.

Favorite verse from the song would definitely be:

I walk before the edge and say a prayer before I let go

I see you through the window while am falling past the fifth floor

Then you get there in time just to save me and apologize and maybe we could go back to bed

But you run past me instead, and hit the ground before I do

Tragically poetic, right?

And it gets even more.

After that, there’s Ankles,

 then Imported featuring another one of my favorite artists; 6lack. That combination, between Jessie Reyez and 6lack, to create their love child Imported, well, lets just say it’s a child I could love to death. It is everything; it does not beat Coffin but it really comes close to it.

La Memoria comes next which she sings in Spanish so I struggled to understand the lyrics but still loved the vibe,  

then Same Side,

then ROOF  

then DOPE, a banger that wakes us up from the poisonous love story she had just put us through and then continues with


Love in The Dark


and finishes with Figures; the perfect ending to a not so perfect beginning.

Although, being a Jessie Reyez fan, there are some songs of hers that I felt would have been perfect for the album like Crazy and Apple Juice.

Other than that, I would say listening to this album, I did meet my hero Jessie Reyez and for her debut album,  I give her a rating of 7/10.