The Jichoche Na Fresh Campo tour kicked of on 26th February dedicated to the  daily go getters who strive to be cool and trendy.MultiMedia Uni was the first hub of all the fun games that saw to it that all the campomaniacs brought their freshest stunts.

Thanks to Fresh Chewing gum it was all fun and games for 3 days in a row. Day and 2 was all about the pucker game.This is an interesting one. So it simply all about using only the pressure of their lips, players must work together to pick up tennis balls and transfer them into tubes across the room. The team that transfers the most balls or fills their container the fastest wins. Fun right? And of course the winners got to walk away with some exciting merchandise. You for sure cannot partake of this gum if you ain’t got fresh breath.

Day 2 was just as fun as day 1. Fresh chewing gm also organized an epic finale for MMU students to pick their confidence- a talent show.

Hosted by comedian Njugush, it was bound to be a success. The MMU students got to register during day 1 and 2 for a chance to hit the stage and light it up.

From comedians, to singers, rappers and dancers and even guys who could mimic prominent voices. This show was a banger!

Check out these cool Tees. Girl child ni standards kweli.

Boychild was also not left behind.

Cool moves,huh?

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