Like a scene from the movie Triple 9, some hardcore thugs in Jozzi robbed a G4S transit van in broad daylight! These thugs in SA don’t joke brah! And what’s with G4S vans getting robbed? These guys can’t catch a break, now SA thugz are jacking them? Eish! Check out the video of how the robbery went down…

A group of suspects, travelling in a BMW and Mercedes-Benz, confronted the van at about 11.40am on the R24 near Barbara Road towards the airport, the SA Police said in a statement.

The suspects shot out a tyre of the van on the busy highway before confronting the guards.

The guards were forced out of the vehicle before the suspects blew up the van with explosives. The suspects took an undisclosed amount of money in cash boxes and one of the guard’s firearm.

They then fled from the scene in two vehicles. The guards were not injured.

Pandemonium broke out on the highway. The video posted on social media shows cars making a U-turn to get away from the scene.

Source: The Citizen South Africa