Jua Cali and Nonini recently had an emotional reunion at the latter’s recent birthday party

There has always been a rumour that the King of Genge Jua Cali and the Godfather of Genge, Nonini, are enemies.

And that is why we got excited when the two shared an affectionate moment at Asmara where Nonini held his birthday party.


At an interview with a Standard digital writer, the two spoke about their alleged beef.

Our alleged beef was actually a creation of the media. Jua Cali and I have never disagreed at any one point. Besides, we grew up together in California. I think the main problem is because we never recorded collabos together

Nonini said

Jua Cali seconded his fellow musician

When it comes to music, that’s a whole issue. Professionally, we took our own different paths before we could consider recording any music together

So there you have it, the two never had any issues.