She is the cream of Kenyan vixens. Have you seen this babe on the Omollo video by Daddy or should I say Papa Jones? She is dressed in camouflage and she seductively crawls on the car’s bonnet and ices it with thunderous twerking. She amuses the passengers not forgetting we the viewers as she showcases her art in twerking. I know many have endlessly scrolled  through the You Tube comments hoping someone has mentioned her name in the comments so as to DM her on Instagram. Worry not peeps she is Cream Rose.   

2.Charity Moraa

Men are simple creatures, they see twerking and they hit the like button. Well, nobody has been doing it better than this succulent beauty, Charity Moraa. Digi…digi go down…yeah she is the fly mamma on this major hit song by Arrow Boy. She leaves us drooling as she shakes what her momma gave her like it’s her last. She is a model for the Corazon clothing line and also a make up artist.


3.Kate Katrina

She is the full package when it comes to vixens. She has featured in Live it Up by Redsan and Victoria Kimani. This chiq is also on Wembe by Otile Brown and Timmy Tdat. The dancing spoon is also a dancer at XS Millionaires Club, that is where you can find her if she is not on your screens fam.

4.Ann Samantha

If you are looking for seductiveness in a video then Ann Samantha should be your lucky pick. She is a hot and dripping sauce who is making a name for herself in the vixen industry which is becoming a competitive industry. She is also a commercial model. She has appeared in Run Ting by King Kaka and Fena Gitu, Nangoja by Mr.Kesho and Body Nice by Krg the Don x Fidempa.