Who is the king of hip hop in Kenya? A very controversial question that would grant you varying answers depending on which rapper’s music you relate to and enjoy the most. Rappers Octopizzo, Khaligraph and King Kaka have all claimed the crown which in the past had led to the beef between Octopizzo and Khaligraph.

Octo khali

The beef is however seemed squashed when the two posed for a photo together with King Kaka at the #ISTANDWITHJANET concert last weekend . But a new ‘King’ has popped up, Juliani through his twitter called out the three rappers claiming he had more bars than each of them.

The only one with more bars than the three combined is me!! @OCTOPIZZO@KHALIGRAPH @RabbitTheKingpic.twitter.com/ukrXVxVxhd

— JULIANI (@JulianiKenya) November 10, 2015

What followed was angry reactions from fans which caught the attention of Larry Madowo who invited them to the Trend to have a rap battle to finally know who is the King of Kenyan hip hop.

Kuna vile Juliani ameanza beef na kina OCTOPIZZO, Rabbit King Kaka naKhaligraph Jonez. Mnaonaje hawa wazito wakam The Trend with Larry Madowo RAP BATTLE ndio tujue nani ataweza?”Larry shared.