Notorious blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has done it once again. He is known for his hard hitting ‘investigative’ reports on his blog, mainly targeted at prominent Kenyans.

In a recent blog post, Cyprian attacked Julie Gichuru, claiming she is nothing short of a sham and PR mouth piece for the majorly corrupt in Kenya.

In his post titled ‘Person of Interest Tony “flash” Gichuru, the blogger profiles Tony, Julie’s husband, and his ‘corrupt’ family.


See an excerpt from the post below

Today we profile Anthony Gichuru. Nicknamed “Flash” from his high-school days at the controversial St. Mary’s School that seems to have incubated the biggest crooks in Kenya today beginning with Uhuru Kenyatta, Tony’s primest acquisition to date has been Julie Gichuru, a news-anchor and motivational speaker, who has done wonders by cleaning up the image of the Gichuru empire, looted from Kenyan taxpayers and at one point being a darling of the media industry.

Julie with Husband Tony and their children

Cyprian goes on to highlight how Tony and his family have managed to acquire his wealth. Now this is where Julie comes in

This here is a petition to companies, embassies, international bodies and initiatives that engage Julie Gichuru. For instance, it was an insult to Kenyans keen on the fight against graft for organisers to have Julie Gichuru MC and welcome visiting US President Barrack Obama, considering that she is a direct beneficiary of the Gichuru money that’s subject to a court-case and international arrest warrants. We hereby request all the aforementioned to cease henceforth, being roped into Tony Gichuru’s conniving ways of using his wife to cleanse the image of the family’s dirty empire, built with blood money. Many Kenyans died as a direct result of Samuel Gichuru’s corruption at Kenya Power, as his orders to drain hydroelectric power dams so as to give contracts to diesel power generators to companies affiliated to him, caused power rationing, killing thousands of babies and even adults in hospitals, whose equipment largely run on electric power.

No matter how much PR or cleansing Julie Gichuru can do for her husband, who is steadily & steadfastly following in his father’s footsteps, Kenyans will never forget what Samuel Gichuru did to our country.

The post above, sparked two hashtags on Social media. #TheFallofJulieGichuru VS #IStandWithJulieGichuru

See some of the tweets from the last 24 hours

Fall of Julie Gichuru I stand with Julie

Seems Kenyans were outraged by the viscous jibes thrown at Julie by the likes of Boniface Mwangi and Cyprian. The support for Julie was overwhelming, and she had this to say