Octopizzo (Namba Nane)

Creativity is in itself a thing a beauty in that it has no limits. It gives you the free reign to define the world in lieu of its coming attractions.

Kenyan Hip Hop rapper, Octopizzo Number Nane, the self-proclaimed King of rap has a new single out titled ‘Jump PYDU (Put Your Drinks Up)’. The song is 4 minutes long backed with an up tempo beat that reminiscent of Old School Hip Hop.

In the song, he brags about a number of his notable achievements such as being able to make it out of his deplorable slum home to a life of wealth; but most importantly, the fact that he has put Kenyan music on the International map.


Octopizzo (Namba Nane)

Judging from the well thought out wardrobe choices to the quality of the video itself, to the lyrical content of his bars, this track could perhaps be the surest marker of his solidified status as the King of Kenyan rap.

You can listen to the song here