Most artistes associate themselves with their hoods when it comes to genre and style of their music. This also falls for the icon hood K-South famously known as Kariobangi South. K-South crew was composed of Abbas and Bamboo and had taken over the rap industry back in the day. They had taken over the local charts but suddenly went silent.

The good news is that a group of young musicians that go by the name Floodout Gang are here to change the chronicle. They are here to restore and remind people what K-South hood is made of.

Floodout Gang emulate the footsteps of their predecessors, Abbas and Bamboo. They came into the limelight after their hit song ‘sponyo’ broke the internet once it was uploaded. Their music was compared to that of Ethic, though they do not agree with that. They insist that they are called Floodout Gang because they are here to stream out the old generation and give space to the new generation. They are here to bring insane change!

Floodout Gang address Jua Cali who they refer to as the best artist in Genge. They sent him a message. ” Maze Jua Cali jooh, kama utasoma hii manze, ebu kuja K-South tudrop hit fulani ngori! K-South featuring California!”

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