Moi High School Kabarak has been consistently churning out the best results in the country since its inception. However, over the past 6 years it has gone on an incredible run that has seen it being ranked among the top 4 schools year in year out, culminating in its latest unbelievable feat.

This was the distribution of KCSE grades by Kabarak High School:

A : 202

A- : 78
B+ : 8

B- : 1

With a performance index of 11.66, Kabarak continues to defy what people consider to be normal; if you told me a year ago that any school would produce results in which 70% of the students would get As, I would simply dismiss you. But it has happened, and it cannot be dismissed because they have been veryconsistent since 2010.

Congratulations to the students and to what is undoubtedly the top performing school in the country.

Dougie Langat