It’s only few months since the Kairetu-Jacuzzi saga hit the airwaves. It’s not clear however, whether Jacuzzi and Kairetu are back together since they too have steered clear from social media for a while on matters regarding relationship. But word has it that they hit it off after their abortion saga went viral. It has been rumored that their saga was a stunt. This however leaves many questions unanswered.

Kairetu has taken a new stand after the whole saga and guess what? She is tagging her mother along. After the saga, Kairetu admits to being trolled by several women. On an IG post, Kairetu claims that many women have been sliding in her dms with many questions regarding abortion. “It’s being a little over a month  after the whole saga , I’ve received many different reactions people trolling me  both men and women …17-22 year olds  in my dm asking questions like… what  should I expect after an abortion?”   

This raises a great concern for young ladies especially because women try to hide behind the abortion topic and yet it’s happening in real sense. “These young ladies are our nieces they are our younger sisters this young lady is the woman you impregnated and abandoned in such cases I give them my cellphone number so that I am able to communicate with them…”

Although Kairetu states that she wouldn’t offer any advice to these ladies, sharing her experiences would be a great enlightment as well as answering questions to her fans would be a big move!  “Let it be noted that I DO NOT and WILL NOT advice you towards a choice, I am only a SAFE SPACE for you to ask questions to be free with…”

Kairetu has announced that she will be releasing a TV series on IG regarding issues revolving around abortion. She  announced on her IG  page that she  would release the series alongside her  mother who has been her greatest support  “I would like to release a weekly series  on my IG TV where I’m talking about  these issues …I will also get my mother  onboard for some of the episodes  because she has been my support  system..”

We are yet to hear a word from Jacuzzi’s side since he has kept silent even after the saga. Well, many people may have claimed that the whole saga was framed, but come to think of it, why does Kairetu have so much information regarding abortion? If it was no stunt why does she admit to having physical mental disorders? Whether Kairetu had the abortions or not is for you to judge. Kudos Kairetu on your bold move!