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Kalekye Mumo

She is beautiful, respectable and vibrant. Kalekye Mumo who wears many hats from radio host, to TV host and an actress, to the stage as a performing artist(musician), shares her tips on fashion. One on one with J. Muthoni.

1. Should one dress to impress or to look good?
Dress to impress. The first impression on anyone is how you dress.
2. Why should a girl bother to make herself look good every day?
You are how you feel. When I dress nice, I feel nice. When I feel nice, I am smiling and shining light to all I meet. It’s attractive. Best way to have a happy day. What are the best accessories to have or collect? Jewellery…you must always accessories. Can’t leave the house without it.
3. What is the best make-up for chocolate skin?
Well, make-up generally depends on your skin tone. The key is to make sure you get the right colour so your face and neck are not looking different. Visit a make-up store; you will get the right make-up to suit you. The key is to look as natural and flawless as possible.
4. What are the best colours for clothes for girls with chocolate skin tone?
Bright bold colours stand out against a chocolate skin. I try stick to those.
5. How should a teen girl dress for an outdoor concert?
For an event, I stick to the theme. For instance, if it’s a hip hop theme, I will probably have funky tights, a funky vest top with bling, chunky bling heels and jewellery to match. Comfort… a concert is all about comfort. Jeans, tights, flat boots, a dress top, jacket and scarf with a sling purse. All depends on the theme. Obey themes to avoid looking out of place.
6. What are the best clothes to wear this cold season?
Heavy cotton fabrics, be it sweater dresses, tops or tights. Colourful scarfs, boots and jackets. Warm and sexy.
7. What are the best types of dresses for plus-size girls?
Maxi dress, wrap dress, mini dress, shirt, dress, sheath dress, A-line dress, peplum dress…it all depends on your shape. We all have different shapes. I wear A-line V-neck dresses; compliments my big bust, small waist and big hips.
8. What is the absolute must-have in a plus-size girl’s closet?
Invest in good bras to keep the girls up, spandex to make sure nothing is hanging and avoid big prints and baggy clothes. They both make you look bigger than you are.