A website known as The Metro-uk yesterday afternoon broke the news that Kansiime had been arrested at London Heathrow Airport with 2kgs of cocaine which she was trying to smuggle using two coffee bags placed in two suitcases.

However, when contacted on the matter by this website, the police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kawesi said that Kansiime is in Uganda not in UK as claimed and so the claims are not true.

Kansiime had earlier been contacted by howwe.biz and this is what she had to say;

Am safe. Am not in prison, I am actually at National theatre preparing for my tonight’s show. There is no problem. Haters are the ones trying to come up with such stories. I will come up with an official communication on my page as soon as I can’

 So not to worry peeps, your favorite comedian is safe and sound is definitely involved with drug smuggling.