kanye1An eBay seller put a bag of air on sale on Sunday with a starting bid of $5. The ad was pulled down because idiots had placed mind-boggling bids that skied to a whopping $60,100.

The seller’s only description read: “Held bag open and sealed air in.”

Would you be surprised to find out that Kanye himself put up that bag for sale?

Yeah, me neither.

Kanye2Kim Kardashian chimed in on her husband’s apparent marketability, which only made this even more infuriating.

WOW he can sell anything! Lol RT “@Femail: $65,000 for a bag of air from a Kanye West concert http://dailym.ai/1MczfNY  pic.twitter.com/tMfw16rCXP” Via twitter.

I watched the film The Lorax, but it never occurred to me that it would once come to pass… Best believe that it’s actually happening despite the fact that deforestation is not that bad yet.

Story by Jackie M